HomeBiogas Backyard Bio-digester

If you have a backyard and consume cooked food at home, you are in a favorable position to do some good to the environment with the new-generation HomeBiogas. HomeBiogas is an anaerobic bio-digester that treats organic waste sustainably in any backyard.

It produces biogas which can be use for cooking, as well as rich liquid fertilizer for gardening. HomeBiogas estimated that its bio-digester can reduce up to 6 tons of carbon emissions and a ton of food waste per household each year.

HomeBiogas Backyard Bio-digester

Anyone who owns a detached home with a backyard can use HomeBiogas. Once set up, all you have to do is to introduce organic waste into the digester and the bacteria will get to work, digesting the food to produce biogas for clean cooking.

The best part is, HomeBiogas is no rocket science. It has only 4 major parts and it will take just 2 hours to setup. There’s no mention of smell associated with composting, but we are assuming it is inevitable. The question, how unbearable would it be?

HomeBiogas Backyard Bio-digester

With the new generation model, it is intentionally design with black material to enable it to absorb more light and warm bacteria up more efficiently. The material is also said to be more durable, lasting up to 15 years and it is 100 percent recyclable when it reaches its end of life.

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Also, with the new-gen model, it is larger in capacity without bumping up the footprint – thanks to the 300 liters volume achieved though an increase in height. That’s actually pretty clever.

If you down, you can pick up the HomeBiogas as a pre-order on Kickstarter for $399 and up. The campaign is funded and so, your pledge is a pre-order which the company aims to fulfill sometime in April 2020. Continue reading for the product pitch video.

All images courtesy of HomeBiogas.