this appallingly massive concept passenger jet is appropriately named the AWWA Sky Whale. with a wingspan exceeding those of the Airbus 380 and sporting a three-story design, this will be officially the most outrageously huge commercial aircraft if it ever becomes a reality. conceived by Barcelona-based industrial designer Oscar Viñals, the AWWA Sky Whale boasts some 755 seats onboard, covering all three classes (First Class, Business Class, as well as Economy) and is said to feature ‘future technologies’ such as self-healing wings, virtual reality windows, solar panel roof and a design that purposefully separates the fuselage and the wings to facilitate ‘auto breakup’ in the event of an emergency landing to minimize the damages to the cabin section.

but that’s not all. despite it gigantic size, the designer has envisioned hybrid jets to be employed which will allow this giant take off on short runways. keeping in mind that this is the aircraft of future air travel, which means, a design like this is banging on the hope that more advanced technologies and materials will be available by then that could turn this into reality. speaking of which, the ‘future stuff’ that will goes into building the aircraft includes unspecific (or even yet-to-be-discovered) lightweight materials and “economic propulsion” that would contribute to reduced air and noise pollution. plus it can ferry around 30% more passengers than the current largest jet airliner, which means less aircraft will need to take to the sky, thereby reducing the clutter in the air and also reducing the associated pollutions.

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though it has a three-deck design, only the lower deck stretches the whole length of the fuselage and reduces in length as it reaches the top deck, resulting in a hump-like profile that looks like a whale (hence, the name). the AWWA Sky Whale is still very much a concept and as much as we welcome the fact that it could carry more, we are more incline towards supersonic jets that could cut air travel time by half. any how, we don’t think airports around the world would be too thrilled to see yet another bigger flying beast as this would mean going through another airport modifications to accommodate bigger aircrafts and that’s not to mention having to further streamline immigration process to enable such a huge group of passengers with each flight to be processed smoothly and quickly. so, as an air traveler, would you rather go for capacity or for speed? what’s your take? check out a host of beautiful renders in the gallery below.

p.s. a big thank you to Oscar for sending us the awesome high resolution images. 101 percent appreciate it.

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