today’s smartphones’ imaging quality is on par with most point-and-shoot cameras, but if you are looking to take your creativity to the next level, then add-on lens is a must and for that, you can look to the Moment Lenses for Smartphones. so what makes Moment Lenses any different from the handful of offerings in the market? for starter, the folks behind these lenses are no new comers; they have been dabbling in design and making of cinematic lenses for a quarter of a century, and so they do know what they are doing and with that, it results in a set of lenses featuring multi-element designs with high efficiency broadband coatings, promised no distortion and minimum chromatic aberration, and a generously sized lens diameters for fully optimizing the quality from the center of the frame to the edge of the frame. in short, it just takes awesome images.

however, the real stumbling block when it comes to add-on lens for iPhone or any smartphones is mounting, but that is one problem that has been elegantly solved by Moment Lens. all you have to do is to stick the included ultra thin metal plate to your phone with or without case, it doesn’t matter, and attach the lens in a la-DSLR style. just align and rotate it securely into place and you are pretty much good to go. honestly, this is perhaps the most elegant mounting solution with have seen to date. available in a choice of wide or tele lens and for iPhone (4 and up to 5s and 5c), iPad 2nd-4th generation and Galaxy devices (S2-S4), the Moment Lenses for Smartphones can be yours to own for $49 and up, available through Kickstarter.

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it has 22 more days to go, but it has well surpassed its initial funding goal and as it stands, it has garnered more than 2,400 backers and over $235,000 in funding. so, yes. if you back the project, you are essentially pre-ordering the lens which should reach your doorstep sometime in June 2014.

Moment Lenses for Smartphones

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