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Moment Case Wants to Turn Your iPhone Into An Actual Digital Camera

The newest of the iPhones, the iPhone 6, maybe have stepped up its game in the imaging department, but if you are going make the most out of mobile photography, then the Moment Case for iPhone might just be right up your alley – more so, if you think touchscreen focusing takes too long a time. In addition to providing protection to your device and affording better holding through rubberized tapered grip, it also features a multi-state button that, when used with a companion app, lets you execute DSLR-like half-press lock focus and exposure. The same button also lets you do what the existing volume rocker does when held down: capturing burst mode. The case is powered by its own coin cell battery and talks to your device via Bluetooth LE. Continue reading Moment Case Wants to Turn Your iPhone Into An Actual Digital Camera

Moment Lenses for Smartphones

today’s smartphones’ imaging quality is on par with most point-and-shoot cameras, but if you are looking to take your creativity to the next level, then add-on lens is a must and for that, you can look to the Moment Lenses for Smartphones. so what makes Moment Lenses any different from the handful of offerings in the market? for starter, the folks behind these lenses are no new comers; they have been dabbling in design and making of cinematic lenses for a quarter of a century, and so they do know what they are doing and with that, it results in a set of lenses featuring multi-element designs with high efficiency broadband coatings, promised no distortion and minimum chromatic aberration, and a generously sized lens diameters for fully optimizing the quality from the center of the frame to the edge of the frame. in short, it just takes awesome images. Continue reading Moment Lenses for Smartphones