The newest of the iPhones, the iPhone 6, maybe have stepped up its game in the imaging department, but if you are going make the most out of mobile photography, then the Moment Case for iPhone might just be right up your alley – more so, if you think touchscreen focusing takes too long a time. In addition to providing protection to your device and affording better holding through rubberized tapered grip, it also features a multi-state button that, when used with a companion app, lets you execute DSLR-like half-press lock focus and exposure. The same button also lets you do what the existing volume rocker does when held down: capturing burst mode. The case is powered by its own coin cell battery and talks to your device via Bluetooth LE.

Moment Case for iPhone

With the case and app combo, it also offer expanded control such as combining the press functionality of the shutter button with on-screen touch features to do things like adjusting the lighting to get the picture perfect shots. The case will, of course, works with Moment lenses, which attach to the case seamlessly to enable even better imaging possibility. Through a built-in sensor and algorithm, the case will not only recognize when a Moment Lens is attached but also what type of lens is being used, which in turn adapt the UI of the app to suit the specific type of lens. Finally, there is an integrated, reinforced machined aluminum bar that lets you attach a wrist strap or camera strap so that your ‘camera’ can be more accessible for the important moments.

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Already sold by the idea? Well, here’s the good news: the Moment Case for iPhone is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, starting at $49. There’s a caveat though, it is only available for iPhone 6. Keep going for a couple more look, plus a product pitch video.

Moment Case for iPhone

Moment Case for iPhone

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