gadgets like smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth speaker and stuff that runs out of juice while you are mucking around your workshop can use a little help from this little guy called the PoweriSite Cordless Tool Battery USB Charger, but there is a catch here: this innovative charging device is only compatible with DeWalt powered tool batteries, accepting anything from 14V to 18V. if you are a DeWalt power tool user, you probably have a few of these battery packs lying around in your shop which the PoweriSite Cordless Tool Battery USB Charger can take advantage of. just plug this handy accessory to your DeWalt battery pack and a pair of powered USB will be at your disposal for charging up your smartphone, tablet, or even powering your USB-powered speaker. basically, anything that’s USB powered, it will work.

so if you spend hell lot of time in your workshop and has some DeWalt juiced power pack around to spare, the PoweriSite Cordless Tool Battery USB Charger might just be up your very narrow alley. obviously, the reach for this product will not very wide cos’ not every home improvement enthusiast owns power tools, let alone a DeWalt product. still, it is a pretty brilliant creation nonetheless. the PoweriSite Cordless Tool Battery USB Charger was a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign which ended last December, but you can pre-order it from Extrasensory Devices for $17.95 a pop with shipment expected to be in March 2014. in case you missed it, check out the product’s Kickstarter pitch video for your consumption.

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Extrasensory Devices via werd.

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