The Dark Side’s R2-Q5 Is Now In Your Control With This App-enabled Droid

The mention of Sphero or Orbotix conjures up the image of remote control ball. But in actual fact, Sphero/Orbotix is more than that. It has non-ball remote control toys too, like the crazy awesome Ultimate Lightning McQueen and now, a R2-Q5 too. R2 what? Well, that’s Q5, the R2-like droid that shared much of the […]

Sphero’s iPhone-controlled Lightning McQueen Goes All Out Emotive

Kids these days are a lucky bunch. Because, not only do they get to play with RC version of Lightning McQueen, the protagonist car who’s born to race in Disney’s animated flick Cars, but also, watch him express himself. Confused? Allow me explain. You see, the Ultimate Lightning McQueen from Sphero is not your run-of-the-mill […]

Star Wars Episode VII’s BB8 is Not Only Real, But You Can Own it Too

Ever since the adorable ball droid appeared in Star Wars: Force Awakened trailer and the official words that it was in fact not a CGI, it spurred imaginations and set people thinking: “what makes it tick?” But it is not long before folks figured it out and that’s a good thing, cos’ now you can […]

Sphero 2.0

when a cute little robotic ball called Sphero rolled into the market almost two years ago, it literally takes gaming out of your mobile device and into the real world, signifying a new era for augmented reality gaming, but we will be honest with you: we didn’t think remotely rolling a ball around would be fun.