Kre-O, a direct competition to LEGO, may not have as rich of a history as the near century old Danish toy company but it sure knows how to grab licenses (thanks in part to its parent company Hasbro) to draw attentions from children and grown ups alike. perhaps their brick-based G.I Joe and Transformer toys won’t appeal to adult folks but we are pretty sure the Officially Licensed Kre-O Star Trek Starship Enterprise, based on the upcoming Star Trek: Into Darkness movie, would. this 432-piece set measures nearly half a meter long (18 inches) and features a pop-off roof that reveals the Enterprise’s bridge and thruster engines with functional flaps. unlike regular LEGO sets (Technic models, excluded), the Officially Licensed Kre-O Starship Enterprise goes beyond being just a brick-based model: it comes complete with glowing lights and a torpedo that actually launches. yeah. just one but that’s better than nothing, right? no word if it will come with a display stand or will it be accompanied by any Kre-O figurines. though it will be super cool if it does. the Officially Licensed Kre-O Star Trek Starship Enterprise will be released this May, coinciding with the Star Trek movie, for $69.90. in the meantime, psyche yourself up a little with the teaser video released last year below or check out more ‘live’ images captured by the DVICE team at the 2013 American International Toy Fair HERE.

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