and we thought the Hasbro Transformers Constructicon Devastator was huge but apparently it is now being dwarfed by the new grandaddy of the Transformers: the Hasbro Transformers Metroplex. standing a mega-sized two-feet tall, this metal beast (figuratively speaking, of course. it is still made of hard plastic parts) is officially the tallest, if not the biggest, Transformers yet. apart from being huge, the Hasbro Transformers Metroplex sets itself apart from other puny alien robots with an extra mode of transformation, giving a total of three modes. the first two modes are your usuals: the obvious robot and vehicle mode (the latter is more like a rolling battle station); and the third is the city mode (hence, the name Metroplex). as far as transforming toys are concerned, we have no doubt that Megaplex is massive (quite a toy design feat, if you ask us) but it should be bigger IF you were to follow the ‘actual’ scale as depicted in the animated series or comic. for the uninitiated, the Metroplex is supposed to be a city, a living embodiment of Autobot City and hence, a regular size Transformers should be able to fit into the palm of grandaddy mega’s hand. anyway, we guess there’s a limitation on how complex and big a toy could be. in any case, this will be on top of my to-buy list come this Fall. mega size and all, the Hasbro Transformers Metroplex features the usual lights, sounds, as well as various compartments that can be opened and apparently, it also sports articulated pupils. why? we have absolutely no idea but it’s a wow to us regardless. for $124.99, you will bagged this giant size Transformers contained in a box, complete with illustrations on how to display it vertically or horizontally.

via Seibertron via Kotaku

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