Air Hogs Elite Helix X4 Radio Control Quadcopter

if you perceive Air Hogs as a kid’s toy, then there’s a good chance that the new Air Hogs Elite Helix X4 Radio Control Quadcopter might change your perception. make no mistake here. the Elite Helix X4 is not an infrared-control two (or three, at best) channel flying toy that your five-year old nephew runs around with.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray

the season three of the The Walking Dead is still on going, but that doesn’t stop AMC from going ahead and collaborate with action figures maker, McFarlane to come up with this special Blu-ray case for the imminent Season Three collection. this super cool case features a replica of the Governor’s aquarium

Hasbro Transformers Metroplex

and we thought the Hasbro Transformers Constructicon Devastator was huge but apparently it is now being dwarfed by the new grandaddy of the Transformers: the Hasbro Transformers Metroplex. standing a mega-sized two-feet tall, this metal beast (figuratively speaking, of course. it is still made of hard plastic parts) is officially the tallest, if not the biggest, Transformers yet.

Officially Licensed Kre-O Star Trek Starship Enterprise

Kre-O, a direct competition to LEGO, may not have as rich of a history as the near century old Danish toy company but it sure knows how to grab licenses (thanks in part to its parent company Hasbro) to draw attentions from children and grown ups alike. perhaps their brick-based G.I Joe and Transformer toys

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