the season three of the The Walking Dead is still on going, but that doesn’t stop AMC from going ahead and collaborate with action figures maker, McFarlane to come up with this special Blu-ray case for the imminent Season Three collection. this super cool case features a replica of the Governor’s aquarium (aka the “TV”) with five plastic decapitated living dead’s noggins (in various states of decay, no less) that are each attached to a spring so that they appears to bobble like they are floating in the water. speaking of water, that ingredient isn’t supplied, so in order for you to enjoy the dead head “TV”, you will need to add your own. sounds totally rational to us, cos’ we are quite sure no one is too thrill to be shipping murky water other than beverages. we have seen our fair shares of collectible Blu-ray/DVD cases but this is one sits right on top ‘wow’ chart and definitely one that begs to be on the shelf and not in the drawer. we think this one could be a winner. you know why? we are not fans of the living dead but we kind of want one for keepsake. maybe, we might just watch the whole of the Season Three that will come with it. just might. you can catch the MTV Geek video of Todd McFarlane introducing the The Walking Dead Season 3 Blu-ray case at the Toy Fair below.

via Nerd Approved via MTV Geek

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