need a hand or two or maybe three to keep your books neat and tidy? then you are in luck, cos’ Gentle Giant has, literally, hands to help keep your books upright on the shelf. meet the The Walking Dead Logo Bookends. each set of bookends features a triangular base adorned with the hit AMC show’s logo with a trio of zombified grabbing hands reaching out to brace your books, instead of you (aren’t you feeling lucky? or you prefer the other way round?). crafted digitally by the master artisans at Gentle Giant, these limited edition bookends are rendered in the highest quality polystone resin with extreme details including broken sores, rusted skins and open wounds and painted by hand in the most gruesome exactness possible. each set of bookends are individually numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure that you are getting the real deal limbs, erhmm, we mean bookends. set to be available in third quarter of this year, you can pre-order this grotesque and yet alluring bookends for just $89.90. how many of these limbs will be reaching out to avid collectors is yet to be disclosed but the rule of thumb is: don’t wait if you really want a set. scroll down for a few more larger views.

Gentle Giant via Dread Central

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