Custom Rally Miata by Gingium

If weren’t for YouTube’s god-knows-how-the-heck-it-worked algorithms, I wouldn’t have discovered this wonderful gem, a custom ride by YouTuber Gingium, albeit it being more than a year late (it was a 2018 video, btw).

TBH, I know nothing of Gingium, except for he just love building awesome cars (mostly Miata, actually) and sharing it with the world, and one of the awesome cars happen to be this custom Rally Miata which looks more like a few tweaks could make it post-apocalypse worthy too.

Custom Rally Miata by Gingium

Our knowledge about this wonderful custom job is limited to what we saw on the video. We can see it is lifted, has chunky, knobby off-road tires, custom wheel flares, a custom air intake pipe, and it is supercharged with an intercooler custom-mounted on the hood. It also sports a spare on the trunk lid, a roof cargo basket, and a bank of spotlights.

There are lots more to it, but we shall leave it to you to explore in the video below. Once again, thank you YouTube algorithm for serving up this gem even though it is more than a year late. Its better late than never, right?

Images: YouTube (Gingium).