Casio G-Shock 40th Anniversary Clear Remix Watches

A new collection of clear G-Shock has joined the G-Shock 40th Anniversary Remaster Black, the Bodega-touched DW56000, and GW5000U-1 in celebrating the 40 glorious years of G-Shock. And it has more pieces to offer. The Casio G-Shock 40th Anniversary Clear Remix [JP] has at least four timepieces in the collection, all featuring an alluring clear case and watch bands.

The collection includes the G-Shock GA2140RX-7A, DW5040RX-7, DWE5640RX-7, and DW6940RX-7. Over in Japan, the Clear Remix boasts 7 timepieces. In addition to the DW5040RX-7, DWE5640RX-7, and DW6940RX-7, there are the GA-114RX-7AJR, GMA-S114RX-7AJR, GA-2140RX-7AJR, and GMA-S2140RX-7AJR.

Highlights include the use of transparent material for the LCD, allowing the underlying substrate to be seen through the digital display.

The specially developed circuit board features the G mark and has a gold IP-treated LSI cover. The cover is also stamped with 4 stars to mark its status as a 40th-anniversary timepiece. Obviously, this novel treatment is only available on digital display models, namely, DW-5040RX, DW-6940RX, and DWE-5640RX.

It is worth noting that because of this over-the-top but clearly super cool transparent treatment, time telling may be as easy depending on the view angle.

On the analog-digital model, transparent material is used for the dial, index, and bezel – in addition to the obvious like the case and the watch band.

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The dial of the timepieces from the Clear Remix collection is not completely transparent though; it has strategically placed black print not only serves to break the monotony of the dial but also prevents exterior light from entering the watch which may interfere with the proper functioning of the watch.

When creating a transparent watch, G-Shock’s signature shock and weather resistance are not forgotten. Select models use transparent glass fiber-reinforced resin, along clear color shock-resistance structure. And yes, even the buttons are of clear material.

Among the collection is a special model that pays homage to successive generations. Where the rest of the models have a clear band, the DWE-5640RX has a multi-material band, combining resin and metal to symbolically express the evolution of G-Shock materials:

“The 12 o’clock side uses a skeleton material. Composite parts using fine resin pieces and urethane parts that connect to the case with a slide lever are combined. The 6 o’clock side is made of stainless steel. Each piece is alternately colored with silver and gold IP colors, and the buckle is engraved with the 40th anniversary commemorative stamp.”

The DWE-5640RX is the model to pick up if you only have the budget for one, IMHO.

If you are down, you may find information on the individual timepieces from the Casio G-Shock 40th Anniversary Clear Remix on Casio G-Shock US and Japan websites.

Images: Casio.