Age-related farsightedness or presbyopia is vision condition that affects many people as they age. It is an inconvenience that only those who are inflicted will understand. It is worse if the person has myopia too. While progressive eyewear that covers both far and shortsightedness helps, it is not perfect. It never was. Just try descending the stairs, or looking down at the instruments when driving you will understand why. It is not easy to find the so-called “sweet spot.”

Mitsui Chemicals TouchFocus Eyewear

Enters Mitsui Chemicals TouchFocus Eyewear – a miracle solution made possible by advance liquid crystal technology that puts the wearer in control of the focus at a touch of a button. A touch sensor found on the temple, when touched, activates the liquid crystal “reading zone” in the lenses that promised to provide “wide area of near and far vision with minimized swim and distortion.” With Mitsui Chemicals TouchFocus Eyewear e-focus, you can look far and even peak down without suffering from blur vision usually experienced with progressive lenses.

Mitsui Chemicals TouchFocus Eyewear

When you need to focus near, like reading a menu, simply touch the discreet button (which is cleverly disguised as TouchFocus’ logo, btw) and boom! Instant reading glass which can be deactivated as quick as it was activated. Now, that’s one technology that will make aging a lot less painful. TouchFocus e-focus is powered by a rechargeable battery good for 10 hours of continuous use, or if it is used on average an hour a day, it could last up to a week.

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Mitsui Chemicals TouchFocus Eyewear

The Mitsui Chemicals TouchFocus Eyewear is already on the market since February 2018, but the thing is, it appears to be available in Japan only from select retailers in Tokyo, Nagoya and Kobe. However, there is plan to expand the retail coverage throughout Japan by Fall 2018 with the goal of 100 retail locations carrying TouchFocus by Spring 2019 and achieving 50,000 pairs annual sales by 2022. Aside from the limited availability, there’s another caveat and that is the price. Each pair commands a princely sum of 250,000 yen, or about US$2,240. And I am not even joking.

Mitsui Chemicals TouchFocus Eyewear

Images: Mitsui Chemicals/TouchFocus.

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