Swatch x Dragon Ball Z Wristwatch Collection

Now that the storm over the MoonSwatch has kind of eased a little bit, it is time to turn our attention back to what makes Swatch, Swatch. In case you don’t what makes Swatch, Swatch. It is fun. And fun certainly does not include trampling over one another, or sliding under an opening roller shutter just to be the first to secure a timepiece or two.

Swatch x Dragon Ball Z Wristwatch Collection

The fun is this: Swatch x Dragon Ball Z Wristwatch Collection. The collection includes collectible wristwatches with designs and colors inspired by eight key characters from the hugely popular Japanese manga and anime. The characters include Goku, Vegeta, Kamesennin (Master Roshi), Buu, Cell, Frieza, Son Gohan, and Shenron. Speaking of Shenron, along with the Shenron x Swatch model, there is a Shenron x Swatch Numbered Edition too.

Each design has its own designs and colors that capture the character, such as yellow and black colorway, with the character “悟” for the Goku model. Interestingly, each watch has two versions of elements that represent the characters on the front and back.

Swatch x Dragon Ball Z Wristwatch Collection - Goku

For example, on the front of the upper loop, it has the character names in English, and Japanese on the reverse side. Also expect super collectible packaging to come with each Dragon Ball Z timepiece.

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You can learn more about the entire collection by hitting up this URL. If you’re interested in bagging one or a few or all, you can do so at brick-and-mortar Swatch stores as well as on However, do note that Shenron x Swatch Numbered Edition and a Shenron X Swatch model will only drop on October 01, 2022. Prices range from US$105 to US$135.

Images: Swatch/Toei Animation.