There are quite a few things in life that we learned to accept as they are. Twisting light bulb when it calls for a change is one of them, but that’s until now. Meet Magbulb, an innovative light bulb accessory that will turn any light bulb into a magnetic light bulb, by the virtue of the world’s first magnetic light bulb socket. Magbulb is a unique plastic adapter that consists of two parts: one that screws into the lamp holder and the other, to the light bulb. These two parts are mated together via heat-resistant neodymium magnets that has a magnetic break point of 5 kilograms (11 lbs), which is more than enough to hold up nearly every type of bulb imaginable.

Magbulb World’s First Magnetic Light Bulb Socket

Once installed, changing of bulbs will just seconds, instead of minutes. In addition to quick bulb change, Magbulb allows people with arthritis or even disabilities to change bulb with ease and it will also make changing awkwardly positioned or hard-to-reach bulbs less of a pain. As far as safety concerned, the less time you spend on a ladder to reach out for a broken bulb, the less risk there is. That’s logic. And that’s just the starter. Magbulb is for every and any place that uses E27 light bulb socket. That means, it is good for both homes and businesses. The latter, especially those who relies on light as part of their decor, should benefit the most, since the management could safe a bunch from not engaging a bulb changing company. Any staff could do it and do it real fast.

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Magbulb World’s First Magnetic Light Bulb Socket

However, the initial outlay is quite substantial. A pack 3 Magbulb costs $42 and that’s the Kickstarter discount. Eventual retail is expect to be $75 for the 3-pack. Considering price and looking how often home owners actually change bulbs, this product might be better suited for businesses. My immediate thought is, event contractors could be one such beneficiaries. Then again, nobody is going to stop you from making your home look high-tech with this revolutionary light bulb socket. I am not going to lie. I am tempted. I have to consider carefully because, each socket is going to bump the bulb protrusion by 18 mm (0.7-inch). So, if you are planning to get it, do take note of this tiny caveat.

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