Placeon: Having A Phone On Your Belt Never Looked This Cool And Stylish!

You don’t always need new inventions to improve life. Sometimes you just need to improved on existing inventions. The Placeon Cellphone Belt Clip is one good example. I know. The mention of ‘belt clip’ conjures up image of chunky, ugly phone holder you used to see you dad or grandad clipped on their belts. Trust […]

Bid Farewell To Screwing Light Bulbs With This Magnetic Light Bulb Socket

There are quite a few things in life that we learned to accept as they are. Twisting light bulb when it calls for a change is one of them, but that’s until now. Meet Magbulb, an innovative light bulb accessory that will turn any light bulb into a magnetic light bulb, by the virtue of […]

Wear Your Phone Like A Detective And Say Goodbye To Bulging Pockets

Remember the super cool holster-style smartphone holder? Well, the dudes from Ukraine is back with a new iteration called Phonster X and this time, not only it has the option to hold more stuff, you get nine ways to wear it. Don’t like to snug under your armpit the fictional silver screen detective? Well, you […]

Phonster Lets You Stow Away Your Phone and Wallet Like a Detective

Bulging pockets caused by wallets, keys and cell phones have long been part of men’s fashion problem. While some live with it and others solve it with bags and sometime, less-than-elegant solution like waist pouch. But you don’t really have to with the Phonster Handcrafted Holster by Ukraine-based leather goods maker, AGE. The idea is […]