You don’t always need new inventions to improve life. Sometimes you just need to improved on existing inventions. The Placeon Cellphone Belt Clip is one good example. I know. The mention of ‘belt clip’ conjures up image of chunky, ugly phone holder you used to see you dad or grandad clipped on their belts. Trust me. Placeon is anything but. It is what a belt clip should be, period. Placeon consists of two parts: an apparel clip and a super low profile phone clip. The former is much like a money clip, but designed to clip on your belt, backpack, pocket or whatnot, and the latter, goes onto the back of your device and slides into the apparel clip’s custom designed low profile bracket.

Placeon Cellphone Belt Clip Reinvented

Now, here’s the ingenuity of this clip: it can only be removed from the clip only when the phone is turned 90-degree, thus ensuring it will never fall out even if you’re dashing to catch the next bus or train. Perfectly brilliant. Placeon kind of makes you feel like a western-era gunslinger drawing his pistol. In other words, using belt clip has never been this sleek and so stylish. I’d say it is a belt clip done right. One of the boon is, when the phone is not on it, the belt is inconspicuous enough not to make you look like an ancient uncle. When use with the optional Mount Clip, you can even attach your phone to your bedside table, kitchen cabinet, next to a wall socket, or wherever you desire.

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Placeon Cellphone Belt Clip Reinvented

With a belt clip this cool, it is not surprising that Placeon’s Kickstarter campaign has received much love in just a day of going live. At the time of this writing, it is already 288 percent funded. If you want one, you may want to consider joining the some 140 backers in pre-ordering it for a pledge of $19 or more. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in April 2018.

Placeon Cellphone Belt Clip Reinvented

Placeon Cellphone Belt Clip Reinvented

Images courtesy of AGE.

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