Are you paranoia about being snooped? Unfortunately, you should because, the truth is, that’s the way it is for now, but not if Bomber & Company and Blackout Spec can help it. The two labels have come together to create the RFID Faraday Pocket and Utility Pouch, two products that will make whatever you stash in it, be it smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, tablet, invisible to nasty snoopers (which include your government and ISP). Created using a patent-pending blend of copper, steel and wrapped in an eco-synthetic leather that is impervious to water, RFID Faraday Pocket and Utility Pouch even exceeds the standards set out by the U.S. military.

RFID Faraday Pocket by Bomber X Blackout

Two models are being offered: a Pocket Carry for your small, everyday carry and travel essentials, and a Utility Pouch with reinforced double seal roll-top closure that will swallow up larger electronics, including tablets and laptops. Notice the plural for those items? Yea, it can actually accommodate several of them. Lets just call it a magic privacy pouch which you wish you could hide in because of the increasing threats from hackers, shady platforms and organizations out there who are relentless in trying extract your personal habits and information. We may live in good times, but there are dangers and risks are lurking around masked by the benefits.

RFID Faraday Utility Pouch by Bomber X Blackout

Anywho, as for the Pocket Carry, it features rugged YKK zippers, tactical zipper pulls, two RFID pockets sized for wallets and passports, a large pocket, a magnetic Faraday compartment big enough for up to three iPhone 7 Plus, reinforced heavy duty spine, and finally, an eco-synthetic leather rounds up the package this 190 x 120 mm handy carry. Anyways, even if you are not all paranoia about being snooped on, the RFID Faraday Pocket and Utility Pouch are absolutely stylish pouches to be seen carrying. It has both protection and style, so what else could one asked for?

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If you concur, you can pick up either, or both, in the next 37 days or so on Kickstarter. It is funded, btw, so whatever perk you chose is a pre-order. Prices start at $59.

Seriously, go check it out.

RFID Faraday Utility Pouch by Bomber X Blackout

RFID Faraday Pocket by Bomber X Blackout

Images courtesy of Bomber & Company/Blackout Spec.

Submitted via TIP US Page.

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