Fast food connoisseurs with an exotic taste bud will be green with envy when they hear about McDonald’s China latest limited time burger. How exotic exactly, you ask? Well, how does Oreo crumbs and SPAM sounds? That’s right. Oreo and SPAM burger is a thing.

McDonald’s China x SPAM & Oreo Burger

McDonald’s China x SPAM Burger will be served with two thick slices of the canned cooked pork, topped with Oreo crumbs and the fast food chain’s signature sauce, sandwiched in two pieces of burger bread.

I don’t have an exotic taste bud, but the thought of chomping down the sweetness of Oreo crumbs and the saltiness of SPAM gets me pretty damn excited. Alas! I am not in China and therefore I will never know how it taste.

McDonald’s China x SPAM & Oreo Burger
Loosely translates to Oreo Luncheon Meat Burger. Makes sense?

The truth is, even if I were in China, I would probably not get a chance to taste it because, there is a limited run of 400,000 across the country and it is available for just one day, on December 21st, 2020.

This limited time burger is being released as part of its weekly members’ day and costs at just 13.14 yuan pop, or about US$2.

Images: McDonald’s China [CH].

Additional image via Weibo (@肉松ruby).

Source: Neatorama.

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