If you grew up in the 80s and had been to some of the A-Team promo events across stateside and Canada, this 1979 Chevrolet A-Team Van could be one you had seen and possibly, touched. So what about this vehicle other than its pretty much a TV show icon at this point? Well, we have good news, of course. It is going under the hammer.

1979 Chevrolet ‘A-Team’ Van Auction

This 1979 Chevrolet A-Team Van will on go the block – without reserve – on January 23rd at the Scottsdale Auction by Worldwide Auctioneers. This means you will have a shot at driving this bad boy home.

Even better, all proceeds of the sale of this iconic van will benefit the J. J. Kruse Education Center that provides career pathway development to students and transitioning veterans. So, yeah, it is for a good cause too.

1979 Chevrolet ‘A-Team’ Van Auction

This particular example is 1 of the 6 officially licensed vans by Universal Studios and it was used to promote A-Team TV series from 1983-1987. Unfortunately though, it wasn’t used for the filming. But what the hell, it’s an officially licensed A-Team van and that alone is enough.

However, little is known about the vehicle, other than a bunch of photos. Speaking of photos, we can see it is pretty much what we may have remembered from the series – complete with a vintage CB radio and a handful of automatic weapons. It is not clear if the automatic weapons are included.

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According to the photos, the 1979 Chevrolet ‘A-Team’ Van has just 90,000+ on the odo. You probably won’t make this your daily driver – certainly not with those guns onboard (if it does come with them at all), but it make for a show stopping show car at events and car shows.

Images: Worldwide Auctioneers.

Source: Jalopnik.

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