If the Nissin Cup Noodle model kit piques your interest (why wouldn’t it? It’s quirky!), then I suppose you be interested in having a Chinese take-out too? What I meant by “Chinese take-out” is actually a jigsaw puzzle based on, well, Chinese takeaway.

Chinese Takeaway Jigsaw Puzzle Firebox

While it is not a model kit (we are still waiting, Bandai!), it is the closest you will get to a model kit without actually keeping a Chinese take-out until it starts to mold and rot. You know, not every food can look forever fresh like McDonald’s hamburger.

This Chinese Takeaway Jigsaw Puzzle lets you piece together your own Chinese meal (not edible, obviously) with 250 double-sided puzzle pieces based on iconic dish, Chow Mein (aka fried noodles) – chopsticks not required. Also, the set does not come with a fortune cookie.

Chinese Takeaway Jigsaw Puzzle Firebox

It being double-sided means you are getting two puzzles in a set. How it works is beyond me. They never really did show the product images. Anywho, the fact that it is packaged in a classic Chinese takeaway container makes this a super quirky gift.

Get it from firebox.com for just US$13. P.S. it would be nice if the box itself is a 3D puzzle. Just saying…

Images: Firebox.

Source: Technabob.

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