There are a lot of military-grade wrist watches out there, but for Casio’s G-SHOCK digital timepieces, they do not need to hang a label that says they are military tough, because as it is, they are beyond tough as nails. What it lacks is a coat of suitable color to match its toughness. No. We are not talking about camo patterned G-SHOCK here (although those are equally apt). We talking about the good’ol plain black colorway, a color that’s synonymous with stealth and tactical ops, and it is the color which you will find on the the Japanese watchmaker’s new Military Black Series of G-SHOCK wrist watches. There are four models to choose from, namely GA-100MB, GA-110MB, GD-120MB and GD-400MB, each bearing its own dial style and functionalities.

Regardless of the model you choose, you will be greeted with a matte black resin devoid of colorful coatings common among today’s G-SHOCK pieces and a dial face that is predominantly black. Keep going for a few more look. Do let us know what’s your favorite of the bunch. As for me, my eyes are definitely on GD-400MB. Those green digits and markers against the black dial and black resin just make it so tactical-like. The Casio G-SHOCK Military Black Series Watch is slated to be available next month, January 2015, at select retailers. Prices are unclear at this point though, but it is a G-Shock, so in any case, it won’t be a bank breaker.

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Casio G-SHOCK Military Black Series Watch For 2015 - GD-400MB
Casio G-SHOCK Military Black Series Watch For 2015 - GA-110MB
Casio G-SHOCK Military Black Series Watch For 2015 - GA-100MB

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