You probably won’t know what Darkness Heels is unless you are a very serious Ultraman fan. Darkness Heels is like Justice League equivalent of Legion of Doom. That’s right, it is a band of villains from the Ultraman universe.

Ultraman Darkness Heels Children Shoes

It is not so much of a show or TV series, but more like a project that give birth to other events, such as a stage play. Yes, really.

Tsuburaya Productions, the company behind Ultraman, has revealed a shoe line based on Darkness Heels, featuring dark heroes, Ultraman Belial and Juglas Juggler. The former is features red accent against a galaxy background and chest motif of Belial, while the latter is a gold accented kicks with Juglas Juggler’s chest motif.

They are for kicks, so don’t get too excited about it. What’s interesting, though, is the box art. That’s right. It has box art, featuring the band of so-called dark heroes and the key villain. The shoebox looks more like a toy packaging than a, well, shoebox.

Ultraman Darkness Heels Children Shoes

Definitely a collectible if you are super fan of the superhero of gigantic proportion – regardless if you can wear it or not.

As a pair of sneakers, the Ultraman Darkness Heels Shoes has an antibacterial deodorant insole that uses silver ions to prevent the growth of bacteria, which is the main source of odor.

The Ultraman Darkness Heels Children Shoes are now available from Moonstar Inc. online store, priced at 3,630 yen (about US$34). The new collection joins the existing line up of Ultraman-themed kids’ shoes, also available on Moonstar.

Ultraman Darkness Heels Children Shoes

Images: Tsuburaya Productions.

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