For folks not living in Japan, you probably can’t feel the power of anime/manga fandom in the Land of the Rising Sun. Just look at the official Doraemon Embroidered Cool Touch Mask you will know its popularity.

Doraemon Embroidered Cool Touch Mask

The face mask was revealed on August 8, but already, they are sold out. Other than it being Doraemon themed, this line of face mask stands out as one that features actual embroidery as opposed to prints.

In addition, the textile, made from threads from a well established and historic Italian company, promised cool sensation when worn. It is critical as summer’s heat can be a real bitch to a covered face.

Doraemon Embroidered Cool Touch Mask
Wear Doraemon‘s behind on your face.

It is divided into three designs: Doraemon, Dorami, and the series protagonist Nobita. Doraemon has two designs: The abstract face of the futuristic robot cat and well, his behind. Dorami (that’s Doraemon‘s sister, btw) has one design and that’s Ribbon and Flower, and last but not least, Nobita’s has Glasses with his eyes. Each design is further offered in multiple colors.

Pre-order for these cute face masks started on August 8, with shipping starting on August 17. But like I have said, this 3,000 yen (US$28) a piece mask, which was being sold by Good Luck Tokyo, is already sold out.

Doraemon Embroidered Cool Touch Mask

Images: Shin-ei Animation via Good Luck Tokyo.

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