Godzilla Humidifier by SHINE Company

Normally, Godzilla is not the go-to creature to solve your lack of humidity issue. But in the case of the Godzilla Humidifier by Japan’s SHINE Company, it is the go-to small area humidifying solution.

Godzilla Humidifier by SHINE Company

This adorable version of the beast as seen in the 1992’s Godzilla vs. Mothra won’t crush buildings or flatten your precious J-import Honda Prelude. Neither will it spew heat ray and ruin your desk and whatever in its path.

The only breath that is coming out of the creature’s gaping mouth is humidifying vapor which is dramatized by the presence of blue LED lighting. So, yeah, instead of King of Monsters, this little guy is very much the King of Humidifiers.

Godzilla Humidifier by SHINE Company

I think the coolest part is, it has sound effects too. Turning on the Godzilla Humidifier triggers the music that plays in the movie when Godzilla appears while turning off activates an era-appropriate soundtrack. It roars too… when selecting the mode of humidification, namely continuous or intermittent.

Finally, the humidifier will automatically turn off when the water is insufficient. You can pick up this super adorable and super awesome Godzilla Humidifier from Taiwanese e-tailer ehobby for 1,899 TWD (US$62), or from Amazon for $83.73. The choice is yours. See in action below.

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Images: SHINE Co., Ltd.

Source: Technabob.