Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco

Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco
(photos: cloudandco) Bottle Humidifier by cloudandco | US$tba |

you know what’s the worst thing in life for any self-confess stylists? to put up with ugly appliances and yet knowing that you can’t live without them, that’s what. among the many unsightly appliances that exist among us is the humidifier. it is a mind-boggling science as to why humidifiers can’t be stylish and minimalist. lucky for us folks, there are creative people out there who are more than willing to think outside the box and come up with something as gorgeous as the Bottle Humidifier. conceived by Korean-based design house cloudandco, the Bottle Humidifier presents itself as a bottle in matte white finish, constructed from antibacterial resin and the bottom is a thick glass reservoir that offers user a view of the water level within. the bottle itself is no doubt an eye-pleasing object but it is the retractable USB power cable that rounds up its overall sleek design. features include 0.5-liter (about 34 oz) water capacity that’s good for up to 13 hours of humidifying routine, lightweight (just 500 grams or 1.1 pounds), dual power option (USB or 110-220v), and anti-bacteria filter. we will be honest with you: if every humidifier out there looks like this, we won’t be suffering from crack skins. take a closer look at this beauty after the break.

cloudandco via Core77

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