Amplify – radio hack turns your guitar amp into a radio

(image: JackGFisher)

traveling musicians would have a guitar amps with them on the road and wouldn’t it be nice if the very guitar amp that turns out your crunching tunes can doubles as a radio? sound impossible? with Amplify, that is a reality, not a concept. some said that they have seen such a contraption, regardless what the ‘some’, we think it is a cool innovation and from the look of it, it should go perfectly well with your classic Fender or Marshall amps. the Amplify is the creation of Instructables member, JackGFish and this radio hack was part of his second year product design coursework project at the Dundee University. if you like what you see, you can create one yourself by following JackGFish’s instructions HERE. click on the above image for larger view.
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