Mikiya Kobayashi’s Brass-infused Ping Pong Table Is Classy As [email protected]*k

Not everyone fancy a less popular sport like Ping Pong, AKA table tennis, which naturally makes owning a ping pong table something of a connoisseur thing. But, but… not if the table tennis table is one from Masterwal called UA1, designed by 36-year-old Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi. Using a combination of brass, natural walnut wood […]

These Cute Moustache and Lips Ping Pong Paddles Comes with Silence and Uncrushable Balls

Remember the super cool, doodlable coffee/ping pong coffee table hybrid? What’s the use of it when you don’t a couple of paddles to go with it, right? So here’s a pair made by the same folks, Huzi Design, to finally put that table to good use and it comes complete with balls that are silence […]