After learning that men can use their balls to do penetrative sex, nothing can shock me further. Speaking of ballsex, it got me thinking… if you are going to shove your balls into an orifice, then you ought to pamper them. And pamper them you can with the Testicuzzi.

Testicuzzi Jacuzzi for Men’s Testicles

There’s no need to make wild guesses here. Testicuzzi is in fact a portmanteau of the words ’testicles’ and ‘Jacuzzi’, and yes, it is a real thing. And also yes, it is as what it says it is: Jacuzzi for men’s balls.

It features an ultra-soft pre-cast silicone penis pillow for the dick to rest on while the balls take a dunk in the basin with sack shape interior. Like a proper Jacuzzi, it has the requisite bubbles, powered by battery. Though it is not clear if it will heat what the water or not.

Testicuzzi Jacuzzi for Men’s Testicles

As odd as it may sound, the Testicuzzi, aka Jacuzzi for men’s testicles, is a thing money can buy. It can be had from Testicuzzi website for US$69.69. No. We did not made up that number. Oh wait. The company is also selling a Ball Bench (US$49.99) in the shape of a (stubby) man meat with balls, so you can ‘cuzzi your balls while seated comfortably. LoL!

Images: Testicuzzi.

Source: Dude.

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