By now, Trekkies who are not Star Wars fans would be lamenting why Star Trek merchandizes did not proliferate the market like Star Wars did? I mean, Star Wars even gets its own radio control craft, didn’t they? Well, if RC is what you are concerned about when it comes to Star Trek, then you’d be glad to know that it is finally getting its own real flying craft on Earth and not surprisingly, it is from Spin Master’s Air Hogs brand. The spacecraft ear marked for this first is none other than the USS Enterprise and it is also a quadcopter.

Air Hogs Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A Drone

From the side, it looks exactly like the USS Enterprise that you acquaint with, but upon closer inspection, you will find that though it has all the details like the ‘propulsion units’, secondary hull and all, it has a skeletal saucer where you will find Captain Kirk, no wait, I mean four rotors, necessary for it to take flights. Also onboard are the requisite working lights and ten authentic sound effects. Like many Air Hogs flying RC, it comes with its own matching color control, which from what I see, has its own unique design that’s better looking than most of Air Hogs’.

The controller, likely to run on AAA batteries, will also charges the craft and is equipped with up/down, left/right and throttle/reverse controls, along with ‘rate’ of flight switch (note: not a warp engine toggle) which dictates the speed of flying to cater to both novice and expert pilots. Air Hogs Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A Drone will be available later this year (presumably in time for the mad holiday shopping) for about $120 a pop.

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Air Hogs Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A Drone

Air Hogs Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A Drone

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