Top 5 Benefits Of Upgrading To A Radiator Relocation Kit

Upgrading your stock radiator setup to a radiator relocation kit offers great benefits for your vehicle. But what exactly is a rad relocation kit, and why should you consider installing one?

A basic kit consists of brackets that securely mount your radiator in a new location. It may also include replacement hoses and fittings to connect your cooling system components. High-end kits feature race-inspired aluminum radiator relocation tanks.

Top 5 Benefits Of Upgrading To A Radiator Relocation Kit
Image credit: Brian Miller/Offroad Armor.

Why Upgrade To A Radiator Relocation Kit?

Here are five compelling benefits that make a radiator relocation kit worth the upgrade:

1. Improves Cooling Efficiency

Your cooling system works more effectively and prevents your engine from overheating.

  • Allows better airflow to radiator: Stock radiator positioning often leads to hot air recirculation that reduces efficiency. A relocated radiator receives constant fresh cool air.
  • Positions radiator away from hot engine components: Getting the radiator away from the engine block and headers prevents it from soaking up extra heat. This further enhances the cooling effect.

2. Frees Up Space Under The Hood

Moving the bulky radiator out of the way creates significant new real estate under your hood. You gain room for installing additional go-fast parts.

  • Creates room for other performance upgrades: More open space lets you mount a cold air intake, fuel system upgrades, supercharger, or other equipment to add horsepower.
  • Allows access to components that were previously blocked: You get easy access to your spark plugs, valves, turbocharger, and other parts that were tough to reach around the radiator.
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3. Enhances The Appearance Of The Engine Bay

Showing off a radiator relocation kit is an attractive mod that makes your engine compartment stand out.

  • The relocated radiator and overflow tank showcase high-performance gear obscured from view.
  • Gives engine bay a “cleaned up” look: Removing the bulky radiator significantly cleans up the appearance of your engine bay for a smooth, custom look.

4. Compatible With Aftermarket Products

Radiator relocation kits work seamlessly with other popular upgrades to unlock their full potential.

  • Works with upgraded cooling systems: High-capacity aluminum radiators, electric fans, and other cooling parts reach maximum effectiveness when paired with a radiator relocation kit.
  • Fits well with other aftermarket parts: Turbo kits, superchargers, and performance engine builds generate more heat. A relocated radiator helps manage the extra heat load from these go-fast goodies.

5. Safer For Passengers

Positioning the radiator away from the cabin protects occupants by reducing accident risks.

  • Reduces the risk of hot coolant spraying into the cabin during an accident: Relocating your radiator to the front or sides aims coolant leaks away from passengers if punctured during a crash.
  • Radiator positioned away from occupants: Moving the radiator from its usual spot prevents it from bursting toward passengers in a front-end collision.


Before rushing out and buying a kit to rad relocate, check that you have an aftermarket radiator since the stock unit probably will not fit the new mounting position. Carefully read instructions and take precise measurements to ensure proper fitting with your vehicle and other mods. An experienced mechanic can also help make the installation process smooth and trouble-free.

Featured image by paopano on Freepik.