Gifts For Outdoor Man

Gifting for men can sometimes present a challenge. If you are buying for someone who loves the great outdoors, they won’t be interested in tacky tokens or pointless presents! But Aran Sweater Market can help. Our wide selection of beautiful artisan Irish products has something to offer even the most choosy gift recipient. Here is our guide to gifts for the outdoor man.

Men’s Shawl Neck Diamond Cardigan

Men’s Shawl Neck Diamond Cardigan

Perfect for a man who loves to hike or get out in the fresh air, this cardigan will help him do it in style. Ideal for layering, this piece will come in handy whatever the weather, as it is made of wonderfully breathable merino wool. The temperature regulating properties of merino makes it useful year-round, while as it is anti-bacterial it will stand up to even the most rigorous outdoor pursuits! This cardigan works particularly well as a gift since it features the traditional Aran diamond stitch pattern.

This pattern is said to represent the stone wall fields of the Aran islands, and the fishing nets of our ancestors. Connected to these images of labor, the diamond stitch is therefore associated with the rewards of hard work and is traditionally given in order to wish someone wealth and success. The artisan heritage of the piece makes it a wonderful gift for someone who appreciates the Irish landscape, and every cardigan comes individually numbered, and with a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity. Your gift recipient will know they are receiving something that protects ancient ways of interacting with the environment, made using traditional methods and natural materials.

The Moore Classic Leather Jacket

The Moore Classic Leather Jacket

If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoorsy gift, look no further than this beautiful leather jacket. A style classic, leather is perfect for any wild expedition, as it is naturally water repellent and wind resistant. The Moore’s quilted lining gives a luxury touch, and roomy pockets leave space for all the accouterments of an outdoor adventure, from maps to penknives. Traditional country attire, this jacket will also take your giftee effortlessly from country to city. Whether they want to go biking or hiking, a leather jacket is a luxurious yet practical present that they will love. 

Men’s Crochet Turn Up Hat

For a man who likes to get outdoors, all-weather clothing is essential. You can’t go wrong with a great hat to keep him warm when exploring during the colder months. Not only is it a thoughtful gift, but a practical one too. The Aran Sweater Market crochet turn-up hat is a stylish solution for winter walking. Fleece-lined, it is guaranteed to keep him cozy, while the wide selection of colors means there is an option to suit everyone. From warm wintery reds to teals and greens that echo the shades of the landscape, this is a great gift for an outdoors enthusiast. What is more, you don’t have to worry about getting his size right – this hat comes in one size only and will comfortably stretch to accommodate all heads! 

Aran Gloves

Another great gift for all-weather adventurers – perhaps even to coordinate with your hat gift! Our Aran gloves are made from merino wool, a fabric that is the outdoorsy man’s best friend. With their breathability and softness, these gloves are a pleasure to wear. They are easy to care for and will stand up to the rigors of outdoor life for many years. A long-lasting gift, the eco credentials of the natural materials used to make the gloves will hold great appeal for those who care about the environment. They are available in a range of sizes and colors, so there is something to suit every hand! 

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Aran Fingerless Gloves

If you are feeling unsure about Aran gloves because your outdoorsman likes to work with his hands, then consider the Aran fingerless gloves option. As above, there is a range of sizes and colors to choose from, but your gift recipient will have his fingers free to read maps, tie flies, light campfires, and have adventures! 

Walking Socks

Socks are a tried and tested gift, and for an outdoor man, what could be better? Whether he is hiking or biking, a good sock will keep his feet warm and dry, which is essential when you are spending a lot of time outdoors. Aran Sweater Market’s Irish walking socks are a classic gift, providing softness and comfort perfect for getting out on your feet. If you’re looking for a touch of added luxury, our 100% merino wool socks are the ultimate in sock opulence! For an enthusiastic outdoors type, they are an excellent gift – with easy care washability, the natural antibacterial properties of merino to keep them fresh, and the temperature regulation that comes with fine wool. You’ll be making their hike that much more comfortable, helping prevent blisters, and looking after their tootsies. After all, a good walk is only possible when you’ve got happy feet! 

A Classic Sweater


If you love getting into the great outdoors, you can never have too many wool sweaters. Here at Aran Sweater Market, our selection is pretty amazing, and you’ll find something to suit every outdoor adventurer in your life. The Donegal crew neck Aran sweater is a fantastic gifting option, with its heritage-inspired look and functional features. The distinctive rolled edge on the collar, hem, and cuff reflects its history as a wardrobe staple for Irish fishermen. This background means it is a very practical piece of clothing, with incredible insulation coming from the natural pure new wool used in manufacture. No matter what the outdoor adventure, this sweater will stand up to all the hard wear they can give it, holding its shape well and keeping them warm wherever they go. 

Tweed Hip Flask

Finally, it might be nice to send them off on their outdoor adventures with a wee dram in their pocket to warm their cockles! This tweed hip flask is a great gift for the outdoor man who likes his whiskey. What could be better than reaching the top of the mountain, and having something to sip while you admire the view? What could be nicer than settling down to wait for the fish to bite, and having a little tipple while you wait? The Aran Sweater Market tweed hip flask offers a country-styled practical solution for carrying just the right amount of booze off on adventures. They won’t be able to drag a whole bottle with them, but a hip flask keeps the drink cool while sliding conveniently into a small pocket. It’s a very popular gifting option for the outdoor man! 

Whether they are into fishing or hiking, biking or boating, gifts for the outdoor man are simple at Aran Sweater Market. Make their day and find the perfect present for the adventurers in your life.

Featured photo by Yogendra Singh on Unsplash.