Here’s an EDC that will satisfy your need for illumination and keep your hand/fingers clickery busy at the same time. Folks, meet the Mankerlight Timeback III EDC Flashlight.

Mankerlight Timeback III EDC Flashlight

Mankerlight Timeback III EDC Flashlight is a flashlight unlike any other because it is also a fidget toy, or more correctly “toys” because it has more than one on it. More on that in a bit.

Even as a flashlight it is uniquely interesting. Like the Olight Olamp Nightour we saw a while back, it has a magnetic headlamp that offers up to 2,500 lumens of brightness and it is juiced by a 1,100 mAh 18350 lithium-ion battery that has a built-in fast charging USB-C port.

Mankerlight Timeback III EDC Flashlight

The flashlight offers several modes of operation, including a so-called moonlight mode, a normal mode that lets you cycle through three brightness (46, 200, and 600 lumens), and a super bright mode of 2,500 lumens, accessible by a quick double click. In the latter mode, it will last for a minute before it automatically switches to lower brightness to conserve battery.

There is also the requisite SOS made. At the tail of the flashlight is a customizable ambient light. It is not quite an ambient light per se. It is not bright enough, IMHO. I think it serves more as a visibility light to indicate its presence.

Mankerlight Timeback III EDC Flashlight

Speaking of visibility light, the body further features tiny slots in which you can insert tritium tubes, so you can easily see where’s the flashlight in low light. The slots are on a spinner, so the tritium kind of adds a visual experience when fidgeting with the spinner.

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The ways of fidgeting do not stop at the spinner. There are three other fidgeting toys on it. There is a stress-relieving clicker, a clicking wheel, and yet another spinner. Now, how’s that for an everyday carry? I thought it is super cool. It is a one-less-thing-carry EDC if fidget toys are a must when you are in the great wilderness.

Mankerlight Timeback III EDC Flashlight

You may find the Mankerlight Timeback III EDC Flashlight on for US$199.

Mankerlight Timeback III EDC Flashlight

Images: Mankerlight.

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