Stadler Form Q-fan puts a big Q around a fan

Stadler Form Q-fan 544x338px
(credit: Stadler Form) Stadler Form – Q Fan | €133.60 |

unlike most people who embrace air-conditioning unit, i favor fans more. perhaps that’s why i love the Dyson Air Multiplier so dearly and despite of it’s price, i got myself one. if you are also a fan of fans (sound weird, isn’t it?) but not so much of a blade-less person, the Stadler Form Q Fan might appeal to you. frankly, it is one of the coolest fan i have seen to date. crafted from stainless steel and aluminum and designed by Swiss Carlo Borer, the Q is in the shape of… well… the letter ‘Q’. the tip of ‘Q’ holds up the fan which would otherwise be rolling round. it is definitely going to be a conversational piece. the Stadler Form Q Fan retails for €133.60 or US$192.41 and is available over at check it out.

Stadler Form via Uncrate

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