There Is A Mobile Game That Lets You Clap For China’s President. Yes, Really.

Oh. You weren’t invited to the China’s 19th CPC National Congress? Oh, what ashamed. But I am sure if you are in China, you would have tuned in and watched the monotone speech given by China’s incumbent President Xi Jinping which went on for an excruciating three hours and twenty three minutes. We are not […]

WeChat Maker, Tencent, Has A Drone That Lets You Live Stream From The Sky

In case you haven’t heard, Tencent, the Chinese investment giant behind WeChat, actually has a drone, or more specifically, an imaging drone design with the sole intent of letting WeChat users stream video. Called Ying, which loosely translates to sky video, has 4K videoing capability, but will only live stream at 720p. If you are […]