Cloud gaming is all the rage because you can play some of the most graphics-demanding games without worrying if your hardware, such as your smartphone, is up to the task. As long you have a strong and fast internet connection, you are good. But, if for some reason, you prefer to have a dedicated device for cloud gaming, then Logitech G CLOUD Handheld Gaming Device will have you covered.

Logitech G CLOUD Handheld Gaming Device

No. Logitech G isn’t starting its own cloud gaming platform. Make sense because they are already a bunch of them and all of them have more financial flex than Logitech. Instead, the Logitech G CLOUD Handheld Gaming Device is a purpose-built gaming device for cloud gaming.

Featuring precision gaming controls similar to that of an Xbox controller, a large 1080p screen, and a lightweight, sleek form factor, the device created in collaboration with Tencent Games lets you enjoy libraries of PC and console games from the cloud.

Logitech G CLOUD Handheld Gaming Device

It supports cloud streaming from Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and NVIDIA GeForce NOW. Moreover, you can also stream local games from an Xbox console with the Xbox app, or Steam games via SteamLink or download remote play apps, video streaming, and more via the Play Store.

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Under the hood, the hardware features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G chip, a 60 Hz 7-inch FHD IPS LCD multi-touch screen, a built-in stereo speaker, and a built-in mic with echo canceling and noise suppression.

Logitech G CLOUD Handheld Gaming Device

Other features include a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack, Bluetooth 5.1 with Qualcomm aptX Adaptive, digital USB-C headphone support, dual-band WiFi, support TF Card, and a 23.1 Wh rechargeable battery good for over 12 hours of fun.

The Logitech G CLOUD Handheld Gaming Device will be available in October 2022 with an SRP of US$349.99. But there is a pre-order campaign going on where you can, for a limited time, secure a unit at special pricing of US$299.99.

Logitech G CLOUD Handheld Gaming Device

All images courtesy of Logitech G.

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