Fun wallet. It is rarity before and it is a rarity now. The most you get out of so-called fun wallets are those with funny images – if you can even find those. But not this. Not the Deliciousness Burger Wallet by the rad folks over at Toddland (stylized as toddland, btw). This is not just a regular polyurethane wallet printed with an image of Americans’ favorite food.

Deliciousness Burger Wallet by Toddland

OK. May be it is printed, but it is also ‘3D’. It looks exactly like a cheeseburger (well, maybe a cartoon version), complete with sesame seed decorated bun that’s filled with little bit of foam so it looks puffy like bun should, and cheese sticking out of its sides. Sandwiched in between are the works that make it a cheeseburger, including meat patty, lettuce, tomato, and mustard… bill fold, credit card slots and an oh-so-old-school clear ID window.

Obviously the “ingredients” are just referential. Surely, you didn’t think Toddland did put actual ingredient props in it, did you? The fun doesn’t end with the cheeseburger look. Fun, in Toddland’s books, is the entire package and as such, each Deliciousness Burger Wallet, as it is officially called, comes with a little mustache sticker for your ID, a tip table (because, who needs an app for that?), a picture of a running couple to remind you that the clear thingy there is an ID window, and a certificate of awesometicity that bears the following statement:

Deliciousness Burger Wallet by Toddland

LoL! That does crack us up. As fun as it is, the truth is, you probably won’t use this yourself. But at just 30 bucks a pop, it makes for an affordable gag gift and also a fun gift for your kids (disclaimer: we are not responsible for your child’s reaction). Then again, if you are down with drawing attention and smiles, nobody’s stopping you from pulling this out at your local watering hole. Also, imagine the look on the police officer’s face when you pull it out to retrieve your ID for him/her to see.

Deliciousness Burger Wallet by Toddland

Images: Toddland.

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Source: Geekologie.

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