Using three or more fingers (known as ‘Claw’) in a game like, say, PUBG Mobile, gives you an edge. Trust me, ‘Claw’ play style isn’t as easy as it looks because, not everyone is capable of controlling individual digits with dexterity like an octopus does with its tentacle. If you don’t, then you will be glad that there are mobile gaming accessories out there that can help. The StygianForce Professional Kit you see here is one such accessory.

StygianForce Mobile Gaming Accessory Kit

StygianForce Professional Kit provides you with a pair of ergonomic grips flanking a cradle that snugly holds your phone of virtually any size, and a pair of triggers. The triggers are strategically positioned so that they’d feel natural to your index fingers. In short, StygianForce essentially turns your mobile device into a console game controller. I know purists of FPS mobile games will not approve of this, but you know what they say, “you do you,” and so, if you rather spend time having fun and in control than struggling with your digits, then StygianForce is the way to go.

StygianForce Mobile Gaming Accessory Kit

Key features include interchangeable grips, rubber synthetic anti-slip coating on front of each grip, an opening for charging cable/headphone cable, viscoelastic form on cradle to prevent scratching your device, and finally, it comes with a pair of trigger cutouts to accommodate the included triggers. Best of all is, it is power-free and absolutely does not require you to download third-party app for it to work. The latter is a big no-no because, it may earn you a ban by some of the games that explicitly forbid third-party apps from running with the game.

StygianForce Mobile Gaming Accessory Kit

As mentioned, StygianForce isn’t the first of its kind and so, it isn’t quite the “world’s first” as it claimed, but from the pitched and the reviews it has gotten, it is likely the most comprehensive mobile FPS-centric gear yet. The kit includes the aforementioned, plus 10 sets of two-step mobile care wipes, a microfiber cloth for cleaning your device screen, and a pretty dope looking leather carrying pouch because, mobile gaming.

StygianForce Mobile Gaming Accessory Kit

Now, here’s the thing. StygianForce is not a reality yet. It is now being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and you know what that means. It means, the campaign owner will only get the money they need to produce the goods if the campaign meets or surpasses its set funding goal. At the time of this writing, it is almost halfway there.

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Anywho, if you are down, you can back the campaign and hope that it gets funded in the next 29 days or so. As for the price, you are looking at S$69-79 (or about $51-58, according to Kickstarter), depending on how soon you act on it. In the event it gets funded, StygianForce plans to get it out to backers sometime in July 2019

All images courtesy of StygianForce.

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