Hard Graft Bookcases for your Kindle & Moleskine

Hard Graft Kindle and Moleskine Bookcases
Hard Graft Kindle and Moleskine Bookcases | €39.00 | www.hardgraft.com

while busy churning out accessories for your iDevices, Hard Graft has not forgotten that Kindle ebook readers are equally popular, and as such it has also offer up the Kindle Bookcases designed for your beloved Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, 6-inch Kindle, or even your Kindle Keyboard. crafted from a combination of semi-vegetable tanned cow leather and 100 percent German-made wool felt, the Kindle Bookcase bears the familiar Hard Graft signature design and is available for the various popular Kindle ebook reader models. if, despite the proliferation of tech gadgets, you still swear by the good old traditional (but classy) Moleskine Notebook or Calendar, Hard Graft also has that covered. yes, you heard it right – a bookcase (or sleeve, if you like) designed to add some style to your unwavering love for Moleskine or traditional writing medium, for that matter. the Moleskine Bookcase is also crafted from semi-vegetable tanned cow leather and 100 percent German-made wool felt, and features an integrated handy pen holder. we salute Hard Graft’s thoughtful consideration for turning out accessories for non-iDevice users, and also for those who chose to go the non-tech route. in case you haven’t notice, Hard Graft’s Bookcases are not book shelves but are sleeves for your Kindle and Moleskine. with a price tag of €39 a pop (or US$52), the Hard Graft Kindle Bookcase and Moleskine Bookcase are pretty affordable too. check out a few more images of this duo after the break.
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