Spending millions on properties, cars, yachts and private jets are things rich people do. Spending thousands for products that are otherwise just a few bucks in the commoners’ world, on the other hand, is reserved for the filthy rich people. If you belongs to the latter category of super rich, then I am sure the price of this latest ‘small things in life’ from the Louis Vuitton, the Louis Vuitton Suite Flat Mule (basically, indoor slippers), should not make you bat an eyelid.

So, how much are we talking about? Well, nothing much, it is ‘just’ $1,520 for a pair. While that could be a month’s pay for folks, for the super rich who has no qualm in dropping that amount, they’d be getting an in-door slipper made from luxurious mink fur printed with the Parisian fashion house’s iconic monogram pattern and a fully lined mink inside for that fluffy, fuzzy feel. Each pair comes with its own velvet pouch that, presumably, lets you to bring it along when you go about jet setting around the world or chill out on your million dollar yacht.

Available in two color options: Rose (read: pink) and Beige (which is more like brown, really) for the ladies and men, respectively, or for the lady in the men and men in the lady (since this is, after all, 2019). Strangely though, the Louis Vuitton Suite Flat Mule is said to be an “exotic piece” that cannot be shipped to California. So, Crazy Rich Californians, you will have to find some other ways to acquire it. Perhaps, pick it up from the stores at other states or something.

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Images: Louis Vuitton.

Source: Fashion Journal via Luxury Launches.

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