True to its spirit as a company that’s all about fun and creativity, LEGO has taken a jab at Samsung foldable phone by ‘showing off’ its own “foldable” which it calls ‘LEGO Fold’. The “device” claims to sport “a stunning 5-inch cover display” that unfolds into “an 11-inch pop-up story book,” which it further adds enable “endless creative play that never runs out of battery.” That is obviously not a gadget. It is the LEGO Ideas 21315 Pop-Up Book released last quarter.

Not sure why LEGO is pulling this off, but the tweet sure puts a smile on our face. No denying that It has both fun and creative elements. It may not dissuade potential buyers not to buy the very expensive phone, but it has certainly draw attention to the pop-up book which, btw, cost a fraction of the Galaxy Fold and the other foldable smartphone, Huawei Mate X. Obviously, there’s no performance nor functionality to talk about with the LEGO pop-up book, and aesthetically speaking, it is far less beautiful than the Galaxy Fold, but it is good humor right there.

Well played, LEGO, well played.

Image: LEGO.

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