hangover. who doesn’t have them after a serious night of intoxication? like all things in life, we want the good stuff and not the after effects and this is why career party animals need Toniiq (pronounce as ‘tonic’). sure, there are tons of cures for hangover, ranging from the traditional to the modern ‘medicine’, but they are after all, just… cures, aren’t they? with the Toniiq, it wants to prevent it altogether by going down to the root of the problem and addressing the underlying metabolic process from the symptom arise. it promised not only to prevent nasty hangovers, but also make sure the organ that took the bout of the beatings i.e. the liver, gets some much needed reprieve.

Toniiq Ultra Premium Hangover Prevention

made from a single natural ingredient known as Lingzhi, which is considered the gold standard for liver enhancement, detoxification, and regeneration, the Toniiq contains antioxidants, triterpenes, and polysaccharides that will help to restore the body, enhance liver functionality, and boost natural defenses in an all-natural fashion. just pop a pair of black capsules after drinking before hitting the sack and pop a white one in the morning, and let it do the magic. though we have to discount the fact that you might be too drunk to even drop two caps into your mouth, then in that case, there’s really nothing much that you can do about it, can you? but that’s beside the point…

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the Toniiq premium hangover prevention is offered in three packages that will have you covered from six nights up to twenty-four nights (damn, you must be a party beast!). prices start at $28 and runs up to $88.

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