Fans of American television sitcom Friends (NBC, 1994-2004) can look forward to an official LEGO set featuring the classic gathering place in hit 90s series, known as The Central Perk Coffee. Originally a LEGO Ideas submission by 32-year-old LEGO enthusiast Aymeric Fievet, AKA Mric76, submitted way back in October 2016, Mric76’s LEGO Ideas The Central Perk Coffee of Friends had garnered 10,000 support necessary for it to be reviewed by LEGO Review Board and subsequently gotten the nod of approval by LEGO Review Board last month.

LEGO Ideas The Central Perk Coffee of Friends

The original submission composed of 1,719 pieces with seven minifigures comprising of the six key characters, namely Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, and Ross Geller, plus the manager of Central Perk, Gunther. What makes this set so deserving is, it is actually designed like the set in the sitcom where it has an open side to facilitate shooting. Within the three walls decorated with accurate windows, doors and other fixtures, is the familiar right-angle bar counter, a few tables and chairs, and of course, the iconic coffee surrounded by a 3-seater and a single-seater couch – the very corner of the coffee shop where the key characters usually hang out at.

LEGO Ideas The Central Perk Coffee of Friends

Looking at the set, it sure does induce a surge of nostalgia in me. After all, I did grew up with Friends (and Seinfeld, if I may add). As with any approved LEGO Ideas, expect some tweaks here and there. Until the final product is revealed, we cannot be sure if it will contain more or less of the 1,719 pieces. The same goes for the minifigures too. But, of course, we hope everything remains as what Mric76 has presented. Anyways, finally, Friends is getting its own LEGO set and for fans, that is really something. So, if you are a fan, do keep a look out for it. Unfortunately, the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, which we were enamored by, didn’t make it in this same review.

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Images: LEGO Ideas (Aymeric Fievet AKA Mric76).

Source: LEGO Ideas.

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