Donald Trump may not be the POTUS anymore nor is he in the spotlight in recent months (at least not as much as was when he was the President), but his image is very much alive… in China… as a statue, or Buddha statue, to be precise.

Conceived by Xiamen-based Chinese furniture designer, Hong Jinshi, the Buddha Trump statue was created out of fun. Or should we said, satirical fun because, the image Buddha is a stark contrast to the former President’s personality.

The image of him meditating and look at peace with himself (and possibly the rest of the world) was the entirely opposite to his actions, especially after losing the election.

Donald Trump Buddha Statue in China

Anyways… the Donald Trump Buddha Statue quickly went viral in China earlier this month. It was even available to buy at one point on China’s popular online marketplace,, for 999 yuan, or about US$153 based on today’s going rate.

It appears that the online store that was selling it, Xi Tian Dong Fo, have pulled the listing. In fact, the store zero listing when we last check. However, because the Hong’s creation has went viral and reported by multiple media outlets, it already seen fake versions. No surprise here.

Donald Trump Buddha Statue in China
Hong Jinshi and his creation. Image credit: New York Times Chinese Edition

We managed to find one retailer on still selling fake versions of the Trump Buddha statue that look a lot less like Trump. Perhaps to avoid legal issues which we suspect may have caused the statue to be pulled from the original store that was selling it? But that’s just my speculation.

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Anywho, according to SCMP, the created has no intention to make the Joe Biden version. He, however, may consider making one Elon Musk version. Ha! We would love to see that happen! Oh, we should also mention that Xi Tian Dong Fo’s had a creative slogan to go along with the statue and it is “make your company great again.” LoL!

Donald Trump Buddha Statue in China

Images: Weibo (@xinglangxiamen).

Source: YouTube (South China Morning Post).

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