Fans of the original Jurassic Park are going to be pleased to hear that there are two new games based on the 1993’s hit movie from Hasbro. The first is Monopoly: Jurassic Park and the second product is Tiger Electronics Jurassic Park LCD Video Game.

Monopoly Jurassic Park Board Game

Tiger Electronics Jurassic Park LCD Video Game is a handheld gaming device from the revived Tiger Electronics and it boasts the original theme song from the 1993 film for that extra bit of nostalgic touch.

The Monopoly: Jurassic Park is the the Monopoly you have come to know and love, but “skinned” with Jurassic Park theme and boasts a Jurassic Pack based gameplay and rules.

Monopoly Jurassic Park Board Game

The goal of the game is to secure the park and, you know, avoid the menacing T-Rex. And oh yeah, it does have a T-Rex token which will move on each turn and if it lands on a property, it will damage the property which will require players to shell out money for repair, i.e. pay to the bank.

Part of the gameplay is building of protective fences to contain a fully owned dinosaur paddock. The fences will allow players to charge more rent and also protect properties from the rampage of T-rex.

Monopoly Jurassic Park Board Game

Expect to find Jurassic Park artwork, requisite tokens inspired by the blockbuster, and believe it or not, sound effects. The latter is enabled by the included electronic Jurassic Park gate, which is modeled after the gate as seen in the movie.

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The gate will playback the movie theme or a dinosaur roar which will determine the amount the player gets. Innovative.

Monopoly Jurassic Park Board Game

Meanwhile, the Tiger Electronics Jurassic Park LCD Video Game is a blast from the past. As per Hasbro via Bleeding Cool:

“Imagine going back in time! Gamers who are die-hard fans of retro-tech, or are new to this genre, will love this Tiger Electronics Jurassic Park LCD Video Game, inspired by the original from the 1990s. Players imagine getting a sneak peek at the world’s only amusement park featuring real dinosaurs. Tim, Lex, and Dr. Alan Grant must try to survive when dinosaurs wreak havoc on the park! The design and technology were created with the original Jurassic Park handheld game unit in mind.”

Tiger Electronics Jurassic Park LCD Video Game

The Monopoly: Jurassic Park can be had as we speak for US$29.99-US$39.99 while the Tiger Electronics Jurassic Park LCD Video Game will drop on August 01, 2021 for US$19.99 a pop.

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Images: Hasbro.

via Bleeding Cool.

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