Borderline madcap inventor of the RC world, Peter Sripol, has been turning out some pretty crazy and entertaining RC stuff, but his most recent work could just be the very thing the world need: a flying Roomba.

OK. Technically, it is NOT a Roomba; it is just some cheap robot vacuum picked up from Amazon, but you know where this is going.

Peter and his friends basically turn a regular robot vacuum into a tri-rotor drone, thus allowing it to clean different floors of a home without physically picking it up and moving it to the next floor.

Flying Robot Vacuum by Peter Sripol

Obviously, the flying isn’t autonomous; it is remotely manned with a transmitter. Anywho, as said earlier, this invention could be what we really need. The world needs a true autonomous vacuum cleaner. One that will get from floor to floor and do what it supposed to do without human intervention.

The creation is rough on the edges, but the idea is huge. It basically eliminates the need for cliff sensor. Like, who needs a cliff sensor when a robot vacuum can literally fly downstairs, right?

Go on and have a look at this crazy contraption.

Images: YouTube (Peter Sripol).

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