Turning a video game console into an all-in-one portable video game console is not new. Love Hulten has done it. So did Ben Heck and Eds Junk. Usually, these talented builders will try to make the all-in-one video game console as tight as possible. Well, Mason Stooksbury does not belong to “these talented builders.”

He basically gutted an old CRT monitor (a Compaq FS740) and massaged a Nintendo 64 into it, resulting in a video game console with integrated display, complete with Harman-Kardon speakers, headphone jack, HDMI output port, and storage space for controllers and game cartridges.

Monitor 64 Video Game Console by Mason Stooksbury

Mason calls it Monitor 64, which is very apt. Another boon that came with this build. Now, it is super neat with just a single power cable to deal with.

What can we say? There’s nothing like play old video games on a CRT monitor, well, except that it isn’t a real CRT. The shell is, but the display is actually a laptop display panel. Sweet. You can learn more about Mason’s Monitor 64 HERE.

Monitor 64 Video Game Console by Mason Stooksbury

Images: Mason Stooksbury.

Source: Hackaday.

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