Now that Disney has called it a wrap for the original Star Wars saga that we thought never would end, it is time for, you guessed it, a video game. Not just any game, though. It’s a LEGO Star Wars video game.

LEGO has posted an official trailer of the new LEGO Star Wars video game, aptly called LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

As with previous LEGO video games by game publisher TT Games, the game lets you play out the scenes straight out from all nine movies, featuring your favorite and not-so-favorite characters.

Beyond that, little is known about this game. Then again, there’s really nothing else you and I need to know other than, yes, there’s a video game that will cash in on the so-called end of the saga.

While details are not clear, we know it will arrive sometime in 2020 and it will be available on multiple platforms, including Xbox One, PS4, PC as well as Nintendo Switch. Hit the jump for the said game trailer.

Images: YouTube (LEGO).

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